In the scientific world took a picture of the raindrops on Mars

In the Internet appeared the photographs of rain drops on the surface of Mars, whose diameter exceeded 3 mm. According to the calculations of geologists, Robert Craddock and Ralph Lorenz, Martian rains of the past changed along with the changes of the planet itself and its atmosphere. Initially, soon after the formation of Mars, the atmospheric pressure at its surface, apparently exceeded even the current earth by about four times. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The situation with the rain beginning
to change when the atmosphere of the red planet began to lose its original
density. To calculate the rate of change, the researchers came to the earth
methods, where the erosion effect of rain has a significant impact on
agriculture and the economy.

Once decreased
atmospheric pressure, the size of the raindrops increased . Mars rain is “heavier”,
it drops deeper cut into the soil changing the topography and shaping the channel.

It was noted earlier that the wandering rock on Mars is an ever growing organism.

To confirm
own theory Joseph compared the two photographs, taken with the interval of 24

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