In the U.S. Senate decided to investigate the pre-election cyber attack

The U.S. Senate



The U.S. Senate decided not to rely entirely on the information of intelligence agencies to investigate the incident with the pre-election attacks on their own.

Us senators were not to rely entirely on the reports of intelligence agencies and decided to independently investigate committed during the elections of cyber attacks that are attributed to hackers from Russia.

The U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence this will create a special Commission, transfers Bi-Bi-si.

In a joint statement, the head of the Committee, the Senator-Republican Richard Burr and democratic leader in the Committee mark Warner stated that the Committee plans to interview senior representatives of the administration of outgoing President Barack Obama.

Also interviewing the elected head of state Donald trump, who takes office January 20. If necessary, the Committee may issue subpoenas for the witness to the poll, the statement reads .

The subject of the investigation, in particular, will be prepared by US intelligence report on the attacks on the servers of the US Democratic party during the election campaign.

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