In the U.S. Senate independently investigate “the Russian intervention” in elections and trump contacts with Moscow

The intelligence Committee of the us Senate made the decision on the investigation of a possible connection of the persons who are involved in political campaigns in the United States, with Moscow in connection with the information about the Russian influence on the presidential election and the issue about the hacker attacks.

“We will conduct this investigation expeditiously, we have a right to it,” – said in a statement released by the head of Committee the Senator-Republican Richard Burr.

He warned that the main part of the investigation will be conducted in secret, however, if possible, will be a public hearing.

Earlier, us intelligence agencies issued a report on Russia’s intervention in the election campaign in the USA using the hacking of computer sites Russian hackers, and later in some American media published information about the alleged presence of Russian compromising materials to the President-elect of Donald trump.

D . trump at the press conference did not rule out the possibility of hacker attacks on American political institutions on the part of Russia. The publication of the compromising of Moscow, he called a fabricated lie.

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