In the U.S. the kidnapped child found 18 years later via Twitter

Photo: JACKSONVILLE SHERIFF’S OFFICE Kamiya Mobley in infancy and arrested for her kidnapping Gloria Williams

The girl had no idea about his real family and thought that lives with his mother.

Kamiya Mobley, stolen in infancy from the hospital in Jacksonville (Florida), was found intact after 18 years in California.

All this time the stolen lived under a different name and had no idea about his real family. The girl thought lives with his mother, 51-year-old Gloria Williams.

Williams was arrested, she was charged with kidnapping. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office said that Mobley has no health problems, she is “a normal 18-year-old woman.”

A real family was notified about the discovery of their daughter. Mobley’s parents greeted the news of its discovery with joy. However, since Mobley is already an adult, she will have to decide how to build relationships with your real family .

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“The family had the idea that something could happen… But imagine that she has now… She’ll have enough to think about… I can’t even imagine”, − told reporters the Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams.

Kamiya Mobley was abducted from hospital in Jacksonville after eight hours after birth.

The kidnapper had her mother’s medical professional. She said that the baby has a fever and needs help. Mother gave the woman the baby, she came out of the chamber and disappeared.

The Sheriff’s office said that during searches received more than two and a half thousand of leads, but all of them were false. To solve the case was only last year thanks to a message sent in the account “Missing children” in Twitter.

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There sent the police sketch of the suspect in the abduction, released shortly after the kidnapping and, for comparison, a photo of Williams. Who sent the mail, the Sheriff’s office said.

After receiving it, police in California began to find out how Williams had a daughter. After examining the documents and a series of surveys was carried out a genetic test. The analysis confirmed that in fact the girl other parents.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si

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