In the United States due to unrest in Virginia dismantle two more Confederate monument

NEW YORK, August 13. /TASS/. The mayor of Lexington (Kentucky) Jim gray in connection with the cases on Saturday, fierce clashes far-right activists and their opponents in the Charlottesville (Virginia) decided to summarily dismantle two monuments to the Confederacy. About it gray said in Facebook.

“I am taking steps to move statues of Confederate in the historic courthouse – said gray. We comprehensively addressed this issue and listened to many citizens. The tragic events in Charlottesville has led to the fact that I made this statement before, I was going to do it next week”.

The mayor pointed out that already on August 15 asked the city Council to submit a petition to the Commission for the conservation of historical monuments in Kentucky.

The legacy of the slave South

According to local newspaper Lexington Herald-Leader, we are talking about the statues of John hunt Morgan and John Cabello of Breckenridge in the city centre . They were both generals in the Confederate army.

The Confederation of the southern States, whose President was Jefferson Davis, existed on the territory of the modern United States from 1861 to 1865. During the Civil war (1861-1865) soldiers of the slave South, called the Confederacy, fought against the northerners. They lost the war, slavery was abolished.

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Riots and dozens injured: what turned the right-wing March in Charlottesville

Discussion about the viability of having a symbols and monuments of the leaders of the Confederacy, which is especially popular in the southern States, broke out in the country with a new force after in June 2015 in Charleston (South Carolina) white young man Dylan Ruth shot nine black members of the Church.

After his arrest, he admitted that he held racist views and was hoping to start a war between the white and black population. Widespread in the media got pictures of him with the Confederate flag. Ruth was sentenced to death.

After that, in a number of States refused to flags, statues and other symbols of the southerners. Often this was accompanied by protests from right-wing and supporters of white supremacy. In particular, the Governor of Alabama ordered to remove the flag of the southerners from the territory of the memorial, located next to the building of local legislative Assembly. So did the authorities of South Carolina. The administration of Virginia, in turn, obtained permission of the court to abandon the image of symbols of the Confederacy on the car number of this state, and the University of Mississippi was removed from the territory of the flag state, since it remained the emblem of the Confederation.

The collision in Virginia

The reason for the speech of the far-right on Saturday in Charlottesville was the government’s decision to dismantle the monument to the commander of the Confederate army Robert Edward Lee.

A March of activists, among whom were members of the racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, escalated into violent clashes with their opponents. As a result, dozens of people were injured, the authorities had to impose a state of emergency in the city.

During the riots of the car at high speed drove into a crowd of activists. One person was killed, about two dozen were injured. It is reported that the driver was 20-year-old resident of Ohio, James Alex fields Jr.

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