In the United States found a huge tectonic fault, which will cause a devastating earthquake and tsunami

As noted by the geologists, under the city Santa-Barbara (USA) has a huge geological fault, which could be the cause of a major earthquake. The Ventura fault extends for hundred of kilometers to the West of the same city, passes under the Santa Barbara and Goletas, and part of it is under the Pacific ocean. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Through computer simulation
managed to establish plate tectonics, as well as to obtain information about tectonic
activity. As it turned out, the above fault has a ladder
the structure, which is much closer to the surface than previously expected.

Therefore, fault
is a possible source of earthquakes up to eight on the scale
Richter, as well as its part located under the ocean, can cause and

Previously, scientists predicted a 7-point earthquake in Romania.

According to researchers,
earthquakes are common for the area . Before our Land
freed from the accumulations of energy that provoked intense emissions. However
special damage even when earthquakes more than 6 points in this region does not
be, as here, the epicenters of the aftershocks, as a rule, are very deep.

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