In the United States was the March of the racists, there were skirmishes

Photo: nydailynews.com In the United States protested against the demolition of the monument

Hundreds of right-wing rallied in Virginia.

Hundreds of racists held a rally at the University of Virginia, USA. They were protesting against intention of the authorities to dismantle the monument to General of the troops of the Confederacy Robert Edward Lee, who advocated the preservation of the slave system. It is reported Bi-Bi-si.

According to the report, the protesters, passing through the University grounds in Charlottesville, holding torches and shouting slogans like “white life is important” and “Jews will not replace us.”

On the streets clashes with their opponents.

Mayor Mike Sanger called the March “a parade of cowardly hatred, bigotry and racism .”

The organizer of the protest of Jason Kessler, who has previously accused the city authorities of “hatred of the white”, called this event “an incredible moment for white people, who still suffered it all, but not anymore”.

Among other slogans shouted by the demonstrators – “blood and soil” and “one people, one nation, stop immigration”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Poland was an anti-fascist March.

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