In the US, the Ukrainian hacker sentenced to 41 months in prison




Also the hacker is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 83 368 thousand dollars.

The court in new Jersey sentenced a Ukrainian hacker Sergey Vovnenko to 41 months in prison for stealing credit card data.

About it reports Reuters.

It is noted that, Vovnenko, known under the pseudonym “Flycracker” and “Darklife”, last month pleaded guilty.

According to prosecutors, Vovnenko from 2010 to 2012, he hacked into computers belonging to individuals and companies in order to steal user names and passwords for Bank accounts and credit cards.

For this Vovnenko used “batset” of more than 13 million computers infected with malware.

Vovnenko, was arrested in Italy in 2014 and in 2015 was issued by the United States. The Prosecutor’s office believes that Vovnenko is the organizer of the group, reminds the Ukrainian truth .

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