In the Ussuri region was too afraid to brownies, I prefer not to call them names when such conversations

In the Ussuri district, the locals are very frightened by the activities of the brownies. Despite the fact that superstitious people enough, especially among villagers about his meetings with the family, they do not tell, considering it a bad omen. In the imagination of the population brownies – homemade spirits, which protect owners from harm and misfortune. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

In the local villages Korsakov
m Vozdvizhenka villagers were told, as a house cat can raise
a person’s middle of the night that still inspires great awe in front of these
spirits.Their history Vozdvizhensky
tell on one condition: that we did not sign their names.

According to the population
villages, the local cats are very aggressive to reincarnated mystical
beings as feel the presence of otherworldly forces.

Earlier, the photo of the Ghost in the Spanish town hall provoked a national scandal .

Published photographic material
caused an unprecedented boom in social networks, prompting local residents to demand
officials have a clear explanation of such incident.

Earlier, the Australian, making family photos and noticed the Ghost of his deceased baby.

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