In the village in the Kharkiv region has been quarantined due to ASF




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Bilashi in a village near Kharkov imposed the quarantine on African swine fever.

Territory S. Bilashi Dergachi district of Kharkiv region declared affected with African swine fever (ASF) and there is a quarantine.

As reported in the situation report for the day, published on the website of Kharkiv regional state administration, it is connected with the case of ASF was recorded in this village.

“January 11, 2017 the inhabitant of the village of Dergachi district Bilashi found in his private farm the corpse of the pig, as reported by Demirtzoglou Dergachi district. According to the results of laboratory studies of pathologic material was discovered DNA virus, African swine fever,” – said in the report.

To prevent the spread of the disease, based on the roads exhibited quarantine-disinfection barriers and obustraivaet veterinary-police post .

From kilometer zone from the source of contamination removed and burned in a specially equipped place a carcass of a pig. Is podvorovoy bypass the 5 km area from the source of contamination, carried out quarantine measures, conversations and informing people who have domestic pigs.

As reported, in late August 2016 in dergachevsky district, Kharkiv region was registered the first case of African swine fever. Later the foci were also recorded in vovchans’ke and Kharkiv regions.

In October 2016 the outbreak of ASF was recorded in chuhuivs’kyi, Shevchenko and Valkovska districts of the region.

20 Oct 2016 Deputy head of Kharkiv regional state administration mark Becker reported that ASF had been killed 460 pigs

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