In the Wadden sea found an ancient ship of jewels

Dutch researchers came across the bottom of the Wadden sea, which is located near the island of Texel, the things of the XVII century. In the list of finds includes Indian carpet accessories one of the ladies-in-waiting to the British Queen. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Earlier in the Wadden sea
a ship that followed in Amsterdam, were wrecked. As a rule,
sea water the fabric is quite perishable, but found the boat faster
the rest was filled with sand, so even after such a long time
the carpet has retained its original appearance.

a wrecked vehicle was found clothes and a variety of womens
trinkets that belonged to the honor of the English Palace. In General, the entire
the cargo on the ship associated with the English Royal dynasty of the Stuarts.

Previously Uganda had lost its football team due to a drunken shipwreck .

The ship was carrying a football team of Uganda and its fans. According
the police, most of them while crossing the lake was in
intoxicated. They sang songs and played the pipe

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