In Ugra wife out of jealousy burned ex-mistress’s husband

A terrible incident happened in Kondinskogo district, KHMAO. Wife had a physical altercation with a former roommate of his men, and when verbal arguments all the same dried up, she decided to prove his innocence by physical confrontation.

According to “Russian conversation”, the wife learned that her husband spent the New year in the company of his former mistress.

Law enforcement officers say that during an argument, an angry woman poured on his opponent alcohol alcoholic drink and set on fire.

The woman burned 10% of the body, which according to experts is the causing of harm to health of average weight.

The police say that this incident has opened criminal proceedings under article about drawing of harm to health of average weight. The jealous woman already gave recognizance not to leave .

“Russian conversation” has previously written about how in Moscow, a man inexplicably poured a flammable material in the entrance of the sleeping man and tried to burn it. In Surgut man burned himself on the doorstep of the local police station.

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