In Venezuela a group of protesters burned an armored truck of the national guard: staff

In Venezuela, protesters continue to resist the forces of the National guard despite the fact that their acceleration was abandoned armored vehicles. One of the armored trucks, the crowd threw “Molotov cocktails”, and then he caught fire.

A group of protesters attacked an armored vehicle in the state of Miranda, leaving him with Molotov cocktails, and then began to use all available means at hand, according to “Russian conversation”.

The incident occurred the day on may 19 in the state of Miranda. The truck was instantly engulfed in flames, but protesters continued to throw everything that comes to hand, making it impossible to get out of the car crew.

The protesters calmed down only after quickly pulled up the cannons, temporarily disperse the raging crowd.

Conquistando Los Muchachos todos los días la Libertad y la Democracia para toda Venezuela. pic.twitter .com/G0cqhP8ZXF

— Indignados Venezuela (@IndignadosVezla) 19 may 2017.

Recall the street clashes in Venezuela have been going on for about a month. In several States protesting against President Nicolas Maduro, against forces of the National guard, which this week received approval for the use in the dispersal of the protests armored vehicles. During street clashes listed as dead already a few dozen people.

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