Iraqi commanders reported on an important victory in the offensive operation to liberate Mosul

The Iraqi army was able to take a new position near the Iraqi “ISIS capital” the city of Mosul. With air support of the coalition, the Iraqi military took a new position on the banks of the Tigris river and are one step closer to taking control retained by the airport.

The representative of the Iraqi military command, major Abdussalam al-Jebouri confirmed that as a result of offensive action this week, the military cleared the militants from the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – ed.) the district Armada that allows you to open new horizons to continue offensive operations, according to “Russian conversation”.

Taking control of detained militants of the area allowed the Iraqi armed forces to completely take control of the Eastern coast of the Tiger and get a foothold for an attack on one of the most important locations – airport Mosul .

In parallel of the cities where began a fierce confrontation with the militants, continues the evacuation of civilians over the past day in the combat zone left 1200 people.

We will remind, earlier it was reported about the mass escape of the ISIL fighters from the Eastern districts of Mosul after the Iraqi army with the support of the coalition began to occupy the new quarters of the city. The Iraqi command said that today as never close to the liberation of Mosul.

The attack on Mosul began on 17 October. Part of the ground operation, rests upon the shoulders of the Iraqi army, with air support for the Baghdad provided aviation coalition. In addition, the onset is attended by Kurdish Peshmerga and other forces projekcie.

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