Israel revealed details of a military drone shot down by Syrian air defenses.

Syrian air forces managed to destroy the flying drone the Israeli army during a flight near the town of Quneitra.

According to “Russian conversation” about it it became known from the message of the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen.

According to the official Damascus, the drone was shot down after penetrating within Syrian airspace.

Meanwhile, the Israeli side actually said about the fall of the UAV during flight. However, they emphasize the fact that the UAV was not shot down, and he collapsed due to internal problems.

It is worth noting that around the town of Quneitra since the 1970-ies is a neutral demilitarized zone between the borders of Syria and Israel. It is controlled by the UN.

The worsening Syrian-Israeli conflict occurred on March 17 . Then the Israeli air force struck several air strikes on the Syrian territory and justified it by the destruction of weapons allegedly intended for the Lebanese Hezbollah.

After Israeli military aircraft command of Syria has sent air defense missiles. The shells were intercepted by Israeli air defense system “Strela”, which was the first documented use of this defensive tool.

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