Israel, the US and the Arab countries decided to create a middle East equivalent of NATO to fight against Iran – media

New White house administration decided to create a military Alliance with Israel and several Arab countries to confront Iran.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue,” referring to the Wall Street Journal.

It is noted that “the middle East equivalent of NATO” will include Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and several other States.

According to the White house, the Alliance will need to focus their efforts on opposition to “the Iranian threat”, including those associated with the development of Tehran’s nuclear weapons.

In addition, all members of the Alliance are to exchange intelligence. And the attack on one of the members of the Union would be tantamount to a Declaration of war against the Alliance .

Details of the Alliance still being worked out in Washington, but the United States has expressed willingness to provide military and intelligence support for the future of the Union.

Earlier it was reported that it became known, to which political decision seeks trump concerning Israel.

It was also noted that Russia has stated its position on the possibility of Israel’s nuclear weapons.

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