It became known as the majority of Russians belongs to the world fear Russia

Fund “Public opinion” conducted a survey of citizens and found that the majority of respondents is convinced that Russia is afraid of in the world.

This view is shared by 86% of the surveyed people, 75% of them reacted positively to the fact that countries fear Russia. About it reports “Interfax” reports, “Russian conversation”.

Almost every second study participant finds against Russia in the world is biased. The survey also showed that 67% of respondents believe that increased Russian influence. 14% of respondents attributed this to the increase of Russian military power, 11% explain his conduct competent foreign policy and 7% share the opinion that the impact of the country grew due to the personal contribution of Vladimir Putin.

The survey was conducted on 24 and 25 December in 104 settlements of the country. The study involved 1,500 people .

Earlier, Western media published the results of a survey of the US population that has demonstrated a strong fear of ordinary Americans to Russia.

Recall, according to the poll conducted in late 2016, the majority of Russians believe a politician, Vladimir Putin. In addition to the Russian President in the list of top politicians came Dmitry Medvedev, Sergei Lavrov, Sergei Shoigu and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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