“It’s no bloody”: the son of the Strugatsky lost the fight with the pirates

The son of science fiction writer Boris Strugatsky, Andrei Strugatsky, said in his Facebook that he considered losing the fight against “pirates” to spread the books of his father and uncle.

photo: pixabay.com

In the words of the Strugatsky, “we tried to fight Internet piracy, but piracy, alas, has prevailed.” Despite the fact that literary agents “tried to remove access from a variety of sites, but the damn thing does not work in the end,” he stated.

The heir of the writer explained that to achieve the removal of books from the free dsetup was only from “law-abiding sites’, while there are a myriad of resources absolutely not law-abiding, and to beat them, alas, absolutely impossible.”

In this regard, Andrei Strugatsky said that now the texts of the Strugatsky brothers once again “returned to free access” on the official website. However, he did not clarify whether it is allowed to restore them and “law-abiding sites”, in particular — the Library of Moshkova .

We will remind that the conflict over access to the tests of science fiction arose after the death of Boris Strugatsky, when his son Andrew and adopted the decision on the beginning of struggle with “pirates”, ambiguously met by the society.

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