Ivanov famous painting reinterpreted in the Tretyakov gallery with the help of “the cleaner”

To the left of the entrance to the Tretyakov gallery you unexpectedly discover a strange object that forms alluding to the temple is a temporary pavilion of the architect Sergey Choban, and inside… inside the animated “the appearance of Christ to the people” Ivanov, reinterpreted in an unusual technique of “transformation of tissue” Pavel Kaplevich:

— Have you tried to shave with a vacuum cleaner? — Intriguing artist.

Now we are free to penetrate into the creative laboratory of the great Ivanov to capture the miracle of writing such a Grand canvas. Kaplevich has revealed to us in his wicket.

Before the opening we discussed the project with Pavel Kaplevich in his Studio, where the artist walks in Slippers with the image of the figures of Malevich .

– Pavel, from your work to wait for the shares of the vanguard?

In artistic circles it is believed that I do old-fashioned classicism, although my production experiences closer to the avant-garde. But you can divide artists of retrogressive or avant-garde is not worth it. There is a time in which some fit, some not so much. And I’m trying to reinvent history by making it interesting for today’s and tomorrow’s audience. Not by provocation. Prefer a delicate path: play as a tie, connecting one skill to another. Undertake only those artists who work with the soul and give rise to outbreaks.

– This attracted you Ivanov?

– Not only. In his work there is an element of “miracle” — the phenomenon of Christ to the people. I tried “animate picture”, to show the process of work on her. Worked in the Tretyakov gallery, including the store where I was given sketches of the master. Created many drawings and sketches. They, of course, not 600 as Ivanov, but more than a hundred.

– What do you get?

In my painting, made in the size of the picture Ivanov (540 × 750 cm), one after another, are replaced by the images of “Christ appearing to the people”, through sketches of a masterpiece. The classic picture appears in the form of tapestry, poliocephala murals, turns into a sculptural bas-relief, or in black-and-white engraving. The figure of Christ initially disappears in the distance, then appears again after a mystical pigeon I found on one of the sketches of the painting. Superimposed on all this world of sound, created by composer Alexander by Manotskov.

– Is “Manifestation” — picture?

– The canvas is more like a rough tapestry of the FIFTEENTH century with edges and lines, this effect was achieved with the help of modern technology. Used a method of processing high molecular fabric, which I patented and used for more than 15 years. Even half a finger lost in the production. Relatively speaking, this is how to shave with a vacuum cleaner. He pulls the hair from the skin, and I fabric. After my experiments of the finest fabric gives the impression of a thick drape, and he in turn turns to stone. Performed with the help of this technology many plays, among them “Boris Godunov” at the Bolshoi theater.

– What do you call this principle?

– You can characterize it as a palimpsest, as I do, the connections of the layers of different times. Live Diaghilev Testament: “Surprise me!”. Try to connect a person emotionally, so he flew out and tried something new. The main thing — there is no conflict with the “appearance of Christ to the people.” Between “Manifestation”, the creation of Ivanov and of the adjacent Church can hold an imaginary triangle. We deliberately chose a place near the Tretyakov gallery, not trying to get inside or stand in the same room, for example, everyone can see and choose what is closer to him.

– Sergey Choban said, as it was important using the arch, dome and light on top, to create the illusion of space similar to the temple.

– It happened. Sergey Tchoban and Agnia Sterligova professionals, sensitive to the nuances. They gave the pavilion klinoobraznyj color and texture, resembling a cross between a mud hut and ultramodern cement. It perfectly blends with the aesthetics of my paintings.

– “Manifestation” — a prelude to the creation of Ivanova?

– I think it’s self-sufficient thing, which enters into a dialogue with Ivanov. It is possible to admire, on seeing her, and can be angry and walk away. Understand that modern technology can someone push. But when they are overlaid on an old painting she finds a new sound, a sudden vibration and drama. There is a thin substance, our struggle in art is for him. No matter, we are talking about Rublev, Ivanov and Kirill Serebrennikov, the.

– You just released it “Chatskogo” in “Helikon-Opera”. Managed to combine such contrasting projects?

For this week I still managed to release “Soul” directed by Fyodor Malyshev at the Pyotr Fomenko workshop, the play about Yusupov in the Gonzaga theatre and remodel for Anna Netrebko’s two concert halls in the Hermitage… this is what I — quantum people. All the time. And with builders to understand, for example, about the subtle substance not to forget. About a good many things with ease, and therefore have time to do much, and the quality does not suffer. If there are problems, go and solve them. Money for projects get. What to do? Must be able to talk, persuade. Near me partners and friends who believe in me and help: Larisa Zelkova, the Vladimir Potanin, Olga Zinoviev, Mikhail Kusnirovich.

– Are you going to continue the dialogue with the old masters?

– I now proposed to enter into a dialogue with the “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo. Most likely, I will agree, after all, will have the opportunity to present work, the original of which is not to take out the Vatican. And how many more great works that many in Moscow will never see! I do not exclude that will try to pouillet.

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