Japanese scientists want to drill to the Earth mantle

The Japanese want to drill into the earth’s crust through

Experts want to drill through the earth’s crust to take samples of unexplored layers.

Japanese group of scientists from the Agency for marine-earth science and technology announced plans to drill through the earth’s crust. The researchers plan to drill the upper soil layer and reach the mantle, reports CNN.

In accordance with generally accepted scientific data, and the mantle is about 84 percent of the planet. In order to reach it, scientists intend to use the ship Chikyu.

Drill will have about 5-10 kilometers of the upper layer. The whole process, scientists have divided into several stages.

It is planned that the drill is initially overcome a 4 kilometers, and then another six. Next, the researchers intend to take samples of the mantle.

Japanese scientists want to be first to drill into the Earth’s mantle https://t.co/d41AuKuNHz pic.twitter .com/WMBIZFRSBY

— CNN (@CNN) April 8, 2017

This surgery, the experts intend to implement near Hawaii in September of this year. As alternatives are also considered locations in close proximity to Costa Rica and the coast of Mexico.

The experiment plan to implement under water as the oceanic crust is thinner, consequently, the drilling process will be easier.

Has previously made a similar attempt to reach the Earth’s mantle by the Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling. However, she was able to overcome only 700 meters, after which drilling was stopped.


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