Joseph Kobzon gave to the exhibition of craft works from its collection

In may, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to dismantle a road map that ensures “the preservation, revival and development of national art crafts and crafts”. Then it was proposed to declare 2019-th Year of folk arts and crafts. And the Association “Folk artistic crafts of Russia” (nkhp) has decided to conduct from 16 to 25 October the all-Russian exhibition “Live source” in the Arena.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In anticipation of this in the press center of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” was held press-conference “Preservation and development of folk artistic crafts at the present stage”, where people’s artist of Russia and first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on culture Iosif Kobzon has announced that the exhibition conveys his collection of samples of Russian crafts:

“I toured the Soviet Union, and there is no area in which I have not visited. It is our vast territory, our culture, — said the artist. — My goal was not to create a collection to show . Those 46 years has been my wife. And I only bring gifts to please family and friends.

Recently I was approached by Gennady Aleksandrovich (member of the Government Commission on issues of state cultural policy, the Chairman of the Board of the Association “nkhp”. — “MK”) with a request for help. Of course, I refused. However, I was against the name “folk art” because we are talking about creativity, art. When we are imbued with the culture after seeing the exhibition of products of the region, this raises our admiration. After all, it is at least unusual.

I remember: in the USSR, the hardest lived the artists and craftsmen who were engaged in Handicrafts. They imitated each other, and their art was lost. Everything must be different. This national creativity, it is the pride of Russian art. I think that you need to do a lot to glorify the people’s culture and crafts. Do not take the time to visit the exhibition, you will be pleasantly surprised and thank me for what I gave you this advice”.

Joseph Davidovich recalled his last visit to the Donbas, where the master engaged in manufacturing items of decorative art from fragments of bombs and improvised materials.

Our government supports crafts by preventing their extinction. Saving them for more than a quarter of a century engaged in nkhp. However, not all so is simple in this area. In addition to the was of the name “Gzhel”, “Khokhloma”, “Zhostovo”, you must register as trademarks recognizable graphic elements that are typical of Russian folk art. It would oblige the company to license the use of folk motifs and protected the market from the Chinese and Turkish counterfeit.

— Folk art is largely an art, in many ways, the culture, — said Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture, Sergei Rybakov. To say that in this sphere everything is good, of course, impossible. There are many problems — mainly legislative. Recently, the state Duma adopted a law on the financing of this sector.

The exhibition will present more than 1,000 works of the most experienced masters and artists from all over Russia. Will and work of students of specialized colleges.

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“The exhibition of folk crafts Iosif Kobzon will present a personal collection”


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