Kazakhstan claimed a violation of the rights of biathletes at the world Cup

Vice-President of Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan Andrey Kryukov (far left), Kazakhstan’s biathlete Galina Vishnevskaya (second from left) and Secretary General of the Union of biathletes of Kazakhstan Manas Usenov (far right) at a press conference
Photo: official website of the NOC of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan and the Union of biathletes of the country said that the rights of the Kazakhstan national team at the world Cup in Hochfilzen was broken

Law of the Kazakh biathletes suspected of use of illegal drugs have been violated by the Austrian police and other authorities conducting the investigation . This is stated in a joint statement, the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan and the Union of biathletes of the country.

“I regret to have to state that the rules were ignored and thus violated the rights of Kazakh athletes. All members of the national team on biathlon has undergone a long, continuous interrogation until 5:00 a.m. before the competition, forced drug testing, violations of procedures, withdrawal, personal communication, phones, computers, including those containing private information, as well as the search and other investigative activities during the training process.

This excessive pressure and some unprofessional actions of a procedural nature by the authorities of the Austrian police led to fatigue and extreme stress athletes that have largely limited the performance of the Kazakh team at full strength of their capabilities in the mixed relay the day after lengthy interrogations.

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