Keanu Reeves said, why not going to get married and have children

Popular Hollywood actor in an interview said about his attitude to the institution of the offspring.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue,” citing foreign media.

It is worth mentioning that Reeves experienced a real tragedy associated with the family. Girl actor, Jennifer, 17 years ago gave birth to his daughter. The girl was born dead. After some time, the couple broke up. Later, Jennifer died as a result of a traffic accident.

Since that time, Keanu never talked about his personal life, and nothing was known about his relationship.

Recently journalists asked whether a Hollywood actor to have a family and children. According to Reeves, he was too old to have offspring, as he was 52 years. Members of the press reminded Keanu that many celebrities become parents in old age. However, the actor is not convinced, and he still said that the children he will never be .

It is worth noting that Reeves normally refers to the people who dare to become parents in adulthood.

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