Kivalov has no opportunity to influence the work of WKXW – the head of the Commission

MP Serhiy Kivalov (the opposition bloc) has no possibility to influence the work of the High qualifications Commission of judges of Ukraine (VCXO), the head VCXO Sergiy Koziakov.

“Write (media – Interfax), one of the members of VCXO is the godfather of S. Kivalov. Possible. It emphasized that S. Kivalov has no ability to influence the composition of the Commission. This is the case, in particular, the possibility to influence the members of the Board, which checked the work of candidates for the post of a judge of Cassation administrative court in the new Supreme court”, – he told in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

At the same time S. Koziakov said that the allegations of bias VCXO usually come from those who for whatever reason are not satisfied with the results of the contest the judges of the new Supreme court.

“The first rumors about the competition appeared five months before the competition . The first rumor was that someone Koziakov is the contest to lead the new Supreme court. To me, for example, this information came from Canada. I was compelled to refute, since I have completely different plans in life. The number of centers on the creation of such rumors in the last weeks of increases,” he said.

S. Koziakov emphasized that “competition affects the interests of huge range and a huge number of influential people, both in the judiciary and around it, so to hold a contest so that everyone enjoyed it, impossible.”

“I would suggest not to demonize S. Kivalov. You need to try to understand where the information that the competition is conducted properly. We see that now the information wave rose due to the fact that their result was disgruntled politician who took part in the competition, and he immediately declared that VCXO works “Kum Kivalov”. But this man is a member VCXO 2.5 years, and during all that time none of us “cronyism” is not felt and could not it anything to suspect”, – he said.

S. Koziakov emphasized that the mechanisms of decision making in VCXO not allowed to make subjective decisions.

As reported in the November of 2016 in Ukraine launched a contest for occupation 120 posts of judges of the new Supreme court, to apply for membership in which, under current law, can persons without experience as a judge.

In General, the participation in the competition was allowed more than 650 candidates.

According to the adopted by Parliament last year a new edition of the law “On judicial system and status of judges”, which the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed in July 2016, the new Supreme court will be composed of no more than 200 judges and the Grand chamber of the Supreme court of cassation, administrative, economic, criminal, and civil courts.

Full text of interview read on the main page, the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

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