Korchevnikov told the awful story about his brain tumor

Leading “Live” talked about how his friend was suffering from this disease.

Recently there was news that Boris has decided to resign as host of the popular transmission. The media explained this by the fact that the actor appeared old health problems, according to “Russian conversation”.

He korchevnikov said that it is still the question of his resignation has not been resolved, so we should not talk about it beforehand. Actor a few years ago I underwent major surgery associated with tumor removal in the brain, but now, according to close sources, he is healthy and feels good.

However, Boris has recently added fuel to the fire by telling fans the story of the disease. Korchevnikov told about the girl who put the same diagnosis as him. The friend of the lead was fading health, it was difficult to see and almost could not move independently. The other day this girl died and was already buried .

Fans of Boris admitted that it was very hard to read this post, and they immediately remembered their pet put the same diagnosis. We can say that korchevnikov tossed another cause for concern for their fans. However, in an interview with the actor continues to assert that he is now the health is all right and it feels good.

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