Le Pen: the agreement with Turkey on refugees has become a big political mistake Merkel

PARIS, April 20. /Offset. TASS Ivan Batyrev/. The agreement between the European Union and Turkey aimed at resolving the situation with middle East refugees has become a big political mistake by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which allowed Turkish authorities to blackmail Europe. This opinion was expressed by the leader of the National front, marine Le Pen, speaking on the TV channel France 2.

“We have no agreement with Turkey is Mrs (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel went there and signed a contract with Mr. (President of Turkey Tayyip) Erdogan, without consulting anybody, especially us. I objectively very difficult to endure, multiply as moments of humiliation that endures our country, in particular, I must say, on the part of Mrs. Merkel,” she said during the last big broadcast with the participation of all 11 candidates before the first round of the presidential election .

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As stressed by Le Pen, the Treaty of the EU-Turkey in the form in which it was concluded, put the Union in a losing position in relation to the Turkish authorities. “By doing so, Mrs Merkel has enabled Mr Erdogan to use the real blackmail against us, because he’s got billions, and now every week he threatened to terminate this agreement and to make a real migration flood Europe, if he will not give that, the other. When the country is independent and sovereign, never agree to conditions by which you become a victim of blackmail”, – said Le Pen.

The responsibility for this, he believes, lies with the German Chancellor and the outgoing French President Francois Hollande, who fully supported the position of Germany in this matter. “By doing so, MS Merkel has done, I believe, a serious political mistake, and agreeing to that, Mr Hollande made an even more serious political error. That’s why I want us regained control of the national borders – our borders that we’re the masters, because I have no confidence in this public thoroughfare in the Schengen area”, – she said.

The return of France to the national currency

Abandon the Euro and return to national currencies will improve the competitiveness of the French economy, says Le Pen.

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“I want to increase the competitiveness of France, to increase employment of the population, and the only appropriate way to do this is to return to the national currency”, – she said. The politician also expressed confidence that the EU Directive “does not give France to develop properly”.

“Fears that the rejection of the Euro will lead to higher prices, not justified”, – said the leader of the NF.

Le Pen, experts say, is the most consistent eurosceptic among all candidates of the current election race in France. She has repeatedly stated that in case of victory in the presidential election would hold in the country a referendum on leaving the EU and abandon the Euro. Moreover, the leader of the National front, is convinced that “many EU countries will follow the example of France.”

Strengthening the fight against terrorism

The leader of “National front” promises in case of victory in the elections to strengthen the fight against terrorism.

According to Le Pen, the two most important tasks that she is going to decide on the post of the President, is “the fight against terrorism and the (security) security.” “This is a topic that was absent in this campaign,” – said the leader of “National front”. “I believe that nothing has been done to solve these problems,” she said, adding that “this laxity must end”. “I want the criminals no longer feel unpunished,” – said Le Pen.

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The candidate from “National front” also noted that “combating terrorism is a need to control the borders.” “With me as President, they (the terrorists) will be deported or sent to prison” – she promised.

Le Pen added that any military intervention in the middle East leads to the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, which is clearly shown by the situation in Libya and Iraq. “(US President) Donald trump didn’t keep his promise that the United States will no longer participate in military campaigns in the middle East,” said Le Pen, replying to a question about strike the United States in Syria. “I urge you not to make the mistakes that were made in Iraq, Libya, – said the leader of the NF. – That military intervention in these countries has led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.”

Previously, marine Le Pen has repeatedly spoken out against military intervention in Syria, and noted that today “a real alternative to (President of Syria) Bashar al-Assad is not there.”

This is contrary to the official position of Paris: the President, françois Hollande-France broke off diplomatic relations with Damascus and began to support so-called moderate opposition.

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