Lenin constantly pointed to the sun: thus saw the chief sculptor Konenkov

Russian Academy of arts and Memorial Museum “Creative workshop of S. T. Konenkov” opened the exhibition “the Era of Samson”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the revolution.

Photo: Ksenia Guseva.

Presented her sculptural and graphic works of Sergei Konenkov, from 1874 to 1971, dedicated to the revolution. Also exhibited the project of the monument to Lenin, performed together with the architect S. G. Brodsky in 1957. Perhaps the most unusual in the history of Soviet art, a Grand design project was a sophisticated monumental complex with lots of figures on terraces and stairs, and huge obelisks, is crowned with constellations, and rotating the Central sculptural composition with the figure of Lenin on the globe, arranged so that the hand of Lenin constantly pointed at the sun. Therefore, enormous efforts required for the reconstruction of the layout of the monument.

The variety is surprising . You can see pictures, sculptures and models, creating the impression that the years do not destroy works of art. The exhibition will delight visitors with the splendor of Soviet art. We can safely say that the come to this exhibition the visitor can experience and feel the time passes Konenkov in his works.

I must say that the creative activity of Sergei Konenkov began at the turn of 80-90-ies of the 19th century and developed rapidly in subsequent years. Of course, his work gave a great start to his Grand epoch of wars and revolutions. One of his first works, a thesis project representing Samson tearing the chains were destroyed by the academic authorities. From an early age Konenkov was distinguished by rebellion, was a fighter, destroying academic standards. The work became a kind of protest, later wrote the author. The image of Samson was accompanied by the sculptor throughout his life and became a symbol not only of his creativity but also his existential era.

And it is with the thesis of “Samson tearing the bonds” beginning of the flowering of art enrichment. It comes from a never-ending string of eponymous symbolic images, graphics and sculptures created by the wizard in different countries, in different years. As he said himself Konenkov, that Samson could represent Russia, which took place through the blood of the Second world war.

At the opening ceremony were awarded certificates of appreciation to the participants of the reconstruction works Konenkova, presented at the exhibition.

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