Lenin’s mausoleum is closed for planned maintenance work

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MOSCOW, February 16. /TASS/. Lenin’s mausoleum on red square on Thursday closed for two months for planned maintenance work. As reported TASS in the Centre for communications with the press and public of the Federal security service (FSO), “in connection with carrying out of planned preventive works during the period from 16 February to 16 April 2017 the Lenin mausoleum will be closed to visitors.”

As it became known TASS from experts close to the all-Russian research Institute of medicinal and aromatic plants (VILAR), in the next two months “will be carried out planned preventive measures to ensure the preservation of Lenin’s body”. The service should go and the unique equipment, supporting temperature and light conditions in the Mausoleum. Similar activities are conducted regularly, approximately every one to two years .

Vladimir Lenin died on January 21, 1924, a few months after his death near the Kremlin wall there is the Mausoleum, the embalmed body of the leader of the proletariat. The first two tombs were made of wood, stone construction began in 1929. Inside the Funeral hall on a small pedestal is the sarcophagus with Lenin’s body. The leader of the black suit, which pinned the badge of a member of the CEC of the USSR. At the time of the great Patriotic war Lenin’s body was taken out in Tyumen, where he kept until April 1945.

Lenin’s body remained in the Mausoleum during the renovation in 2013, when it was fixed the Foundation and the waterproofing of the building. Last time the Mausoleum was closed for maintenance work for two months in 2015.

Lenin’s body is preserved using unique methods developed by domestic specialists. Like the embalming of the body was exposed to the thirteen political leaders from different countries.

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