Leshchenko showed documents about the transfer of Yanukovych the money in Manufactu

Sergey Leshchenko



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Serhiy Leshchenko asks law enforcement to investigate the enumeration of Viktor Yanukovych money strategist manufactu the Floor.

MP from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Sergei Leshchenko says that he has the original documents on the transfer of Viktor Yanukovych funds American political strategist manufactu the Floor from an offshore company in Kyrgyzstan, and asked the U.S. and Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to investigate.

S. Leshchenko on a press-conferences on Tuesday in Kiev said that in the course of its investigation established offshore jurisdictions that have used Viktor Yanukovych. The MP recalled that last year was promulgated the so-called “black budget” of the Party of regions, and in the course of the investigation the nature of one of the payments that V. Yanukovych made at the address P. Manafort . “We are talking about the payment of 14 October 2009, a transaction of $750 thousand,” – said Leshchenko.

The Deputy reported that he was able to obtain access to documents that show how it was held this payment.

“The money was transferred to the account of Paul Manafort … Bank of Virginia…. How was issued the payment? Manafort got the money from the account of an offshore company registered in Belize, the account …was opened in Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek,” – said the Deputy.

According to him, this payment was made not as the performance of the services of the political consulting P. Manafort.

“To implement this payment was made to the contract, which is all fictitious and a Scam to launder funds,” said Sergei Leshchenko.

Under this contract, as the Deputy said, P. Manafort allegedly delivered the computer 501 for Belize offshore.

“According to my information, it was one of the schemes used by the Party of regions with the purpose of money laundering. They had the account, including, in Kyrgyzstan, for which they received the money and carried out illegal payments”, – he told.

S. Leshchenko demonstrated, according to him, the original documents that have a “live signature of Manafort “, date and seal of the Ukrainian representative office of his company. He noted that the uniqueness of the document that it by date and amount the same as the information in the “black accounting” of the Party of regions.

“I am convinced that these facts should be investigated both Ukrainian and American law enforcement agencies,” – said the MP.

S. Leshchenko said that he received these documents in late January of 2017 from the office of P. Manafort in Kiev.

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