“Life’s complicated” – Medvedev has again joke on the subject of his remarks “have no money”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev once again made a joke about the lack of money. This time it happened during the ceremony of awarding prizes of the Russian government in 2016 in the media field.

“Life is a difficult thing, money, as we know, no. I know this” – reports “Russian Dialogue,” the words of the Prime Minister, citing “Newspaper.ru.”

At the same time Dmitry Medvedev noted that the Russian Federation has the longest Christmas holidays, which, fortunately, has come to an end.

Recall that in may 2016, the head of the government during communication with residents of the Crimean Peninsula acknowledged the existence of problems with indexation of pensions in the Republic, explaining that “lack of money”.

Medvedev’s phrase “no money” later resonated in the Network, and a well-known comedian Simon Slepakov even shone in this song . The narrative in the song is on behalf of Medvedev, telling about what his colleagues were doing throughout the year.

Later, the President of the country Vladimir Putin at a forum of the popular front in the Crimea repeated the notorious words of the Prime Minister.

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