Lithuania will protect Russia from the fence with a length of 255 kilometers

The Lithuanian authorities considered the lack of presence on the border with the Kaliningrad oblast of the control boundary line and plan to strengthen it by a fence, the erection of which from the budget for 2017 will leave 3.6 million euros .

Despite the beginning of the anti-Russian hysteria, associated with the threat of “Russian aggression”, the authorities said the cause of the erection of the fence on the Lithuanian-Russian border to strengthen the fight against the increasing incidence of smuggling, according to “Russian conversation”.

Work on the construction fence will begin in 2017, but the financial support would come from the state budget for the construction boom was allocated 3.6 million euros. The interior Ministry of Lithuania has promised that the fence will meet the modern requirements, and except the border fence will be installed the monitoring system, however this is related to extrabudgetary expenditures and funds for the establishment of a system yet to be found.

Land Lithuania’s border with Kaliningrad is a length of 255 kilometers. The length of the fence will be approximately 135 kilometers.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in may last year to start work on the construction of a fence with barbed wire on the border with Russia, said the Latvian authorities.

A similar project “the Wall” in 2014 is implemented by the Kiev authorities on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

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