Lloyd’s of London has banned staff from drinking alcohol during working hours

The largest and oldest insurance market in the world Lloyd’s of London forbade the staff to drink alcohol during working hours – from 9 to 17 hours, writes the Financial Times.

According to the newspaper, the decision is published in the framework of the regular update of staff rules, due to a desire to conform to generally accepted industry standards, not incidents.

When the constraints are not touched operating in this market insurance brokers and underwriters, non-state Lloyds of London, which has about 800 employees – lawyers, accountants, specialists in the it sector.

According to British media reports, the ban caused a strong resentment of staff Lloyd’s of London, which called it excessive. In case of violation will be discussed with the immediate supervisor of the employee and in the long term threatens with dismissal .

The insurance market in London – one of the last bastions of personal transactions, building relationships with customers and partners in bars and restaurants has a long tradition, it is beneficial for institutions around the covered market of Leadenhall-market, which is located next to Lloyds of London.

Lloyd’s of London traces its history to 1688. At the end of the XVII century in Edward Lloyd’s coffee shop was going to ship owners, merchants and sailors, exchanged news, had entered into contracts of freight and insurance of vessels and cargo. As a Corporation, the Association operates since 1871, when this status was fixed by act of the British Parliament.

The activities of the Corporation provided by brokers and syndicates of Lloyd’s underwriters who receive proposals for insurance and reinsurance only through brokers. The underwriters of Lloyd’s before becoming members of the Corporation, to make it a rather significant amount. The underwriters are grouped into syndicates, each of which has its own head. The liability of the individual members (the so-called “Lloyd’s names”) is not limited.

Lloyd’s of London operates in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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