Lolita’s husband, Dmitry Ivanov, said the reasons for the constant scandals with star wife

The husband of the singer has told, from-for what their family may have serious quarrels.

Dmitry recently gave an interview to a popular edition Starhit, in which he described his relationship with his wife, reports, “Russian conversation”.

A few months ago the husband of Lolita was one of them. The singer admitted that he quickly felt something was wrong and was able to pull a loved one from a dangerous organization. Dmitry said that he is very grateful to his wife for it, as he would probably not have coped.

Ivanov also has told, from-for what their family may come across. According to the athlete, lately they often scandals about the repair. Spouses are sometimes different views on what and how the house needed to equip, so they often conflict. However, the pair comes to a consensus and quickly reconciled.

Ivanov added that he and his wife strive to never raise your voice at each other . The couple are trying to achieve perfect harmony in the relationship and, most likely, they do it because they love each other.

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