Lukashenko demanded from the EU to “stop the urge” Minsk

He resented the criticism, which the European States have subjected him to excessive use of force against protesters.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, speaking with a message to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly, sharply criticized the policy of the European Union and demanded that Brussels stop “urge” Minsk, the correspondent of Russian service Bi-bi-si Tatiana Melnichuk.

The President was outraged by the criticism to which European States have subjected him to excessive use of force against citizens, which was released on street protests. Lukashenko said that in the West, the demonstrators also did not stand on ceremony, and warned: “Stop us goad!”.

The President of Belarus said that it considers its main task to ensure peace and stability in his country: “I will do everything up to a certain level.” “If I feel tomorrow, this red line is crossed, I will take drastic measures. Well, as you can’t understand that you are acting incorrectly?”, he said.

“Are you the right person shake? And how do migrants belong? To those kids that drown in the Mediterranean sea? It was you who stirred up the middle East! Shame on you to blame on Belarus! […] So you, Poland, five thousand refugees are unable to chew. Five thousand! And we have 160 thousand Ukrainians took” – continued Lukashenko.

The President stated that “people with weapons, ammunition rod” in Belarus In his words, he did not wish to “events in Europe” began in his country. Lukashenka suggested that the EU leaders “there is something missing in the lower part of the body.”

“You tell me what you want from us? And they gave us a matrix (a”road map” for the development of relations – ed.) Let’s debate – I am one, and all of you! And I will prove to your people that Lukashenko rights,” – said the head of Belarus

Also went to the West for failing to open its markets for Belarusian commodities and greed for loans. “Well you barricaded himself and poured us with mucky? – outraged Lukashenko. – Let’s live together!”.

Earlier, Lukashenko condemned the rocket strikes the U.S. on Syria.

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