Lutsenko: the majority returned to the budget funds from the special confiscation went to the purchase of a new missile

Most of about $1.5 billion or 29.7 billion UAH from the special confiscation, returned to the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine in 2017 to the state budget were directed to defence needs, first and foremost, on the purchase of new rocket armaments for the Ukrainian Armed forces, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

During the report on the results of the special confiscation in 2017 at a meeting of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence on Wednesday, Lutsenko said: “I Can say within the framework of secrecy that the Ministry of defense received most of these funds. And when we read in the media that, finally, hundreds of missiles of domestic production delivered to the army, it for these funds”.

He considered it incorrect to specify the volumes and characteristics of the supplied APU missile weapons, stressing that the army was waiting for this technique .

According to the public Prosecutor, listed in April 2017 from the special confiscation of assets “organized criminal group of Yanukovych” in Treasury bills is 29.7 billion to the defense needs of the state was directed, including the state border service, UAH 700 mn, of which UAH 300 million – to the development of the state border and 400 million UAH – for the creation of a system of “identification of the fingers.”

In addition, according to Lutsenko, 900 million UAH from the funds speckombinat received for the purchase of armored vehicles in 2017 the national guard. Another 1.48 billion UAH of these funds were allocated to the National police for the strengthening of patrol, he said.

As reported in the state budget for 2017 on the development and procurement of arms and military equipment (AME) at the Ministry of defence was provided for 6.5 billion UAH, of which 5 billion 805,49 million UAH from the General Fund. Approved by the security Council in January 2017, the state defense order (SDO) in the amount of about UAH 11 billion, was provided funding from the General Fund budget in the amount of 9 billion UAH.

3 billion on the event, the SDO was provided to guide in the framework of additional financing of the Ministry of defense on the line of the special Fund: due to specefekti, under presidential decree No. 183/2017 of July 11, the national security Council decision of 10 July about the financing of the security sector and defence in 2017. Of them for the purchase of arms and military equipment – 1 billion UAH, the purchase and manufacture of ammunition is 1.4 billion, for the execution of developmental works on development of the new missile – 300 million UAH, the delivery of armored BM “Oplot” – 300 million UAH. According to the document, through speckombinat UAH 200 million were intended for the purchase of arms for national guard.

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