Macron called the agreement with Turkey on refugees “very bad deal”

BERLIN, January 14. /Offset. TASS Vyacheslav Filippov/. The candidate in presidents of France, former Minister of economy Emmanuel macron criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel for the conclusion of an agreement with Turkey for the refugees. An opinion he expressed in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt.

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“I support the Chancellor in her moral decisions, but criticized for a complete lack of agreement with other member countries of the EU. The deal with Turkey is a very bad deal that was made by her (Merkel – approx. TASS) unilaterally and in haste,” said macron. “It should not be unilateral decisions that turn us into a minority,” he added.

Macron voiced the point of view according to which in the coming decades the situation will develop in such a way that migration flows to Europe will not weaken . In the light of new security challenges facing the EU, he suggested a “reset” of Europe. “If we, the 27 countries will not be able to move forward, we need to initiate structured cooperation in defence of a small group of States”, – the politician considers.

At the same time he urged “not to ruin the Schengen area, but to strengthen it and worry about that the system worked.” According to Macron, the EU should significantly strengthen the protection of external borders.

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