Magical plants for the young people: how unusual to celebrate the New year

The new year is a good occasion to check out the art isntitute on creativity and love to the viewer. Someone decided do have decided do not care about him, closing on holidays, others “go” boring performances, the third secondary projects… fortunately, some still confuse and thoroughly prepared. So.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

For the whole family. Of the eight current projects, the Multimedia Art Museum the most unexpected — an exhibition of Boris Kustodiev. A big part of her make up first-class pictures of the artist, which appears to us rather a zealous photographer. Photography for him is a way to capture the reality of the environment, and the opportunity to experiment with light and composition. In 2009, granddaughter of the artist Tatiana Kustodieva, Keeper of the collections of the Italian Renaissance at the Hermitage, donated to the Astrakhan art gallery is a small album with photographs taken by Kustodiev, his wife and family friends . Time has not spared the pictures. Many of them were almost lost. New digital technology allows you to literally “show” a faded image, to make them available to researchers and spectators. At the exhibition there are more than 120, many – holiday: carnival exit theaters until Christmas with a colorful bazaars and balloons.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

For young people. The Museum of modern art “Garage” offers to spend holidays “Art experiment”, to try himself as a “hacker” of the natural Sciences. The project at the intersection of art, science and technology allows you to reflect on the prospects of development of the environment and participate in alternative biological and genetic engineering experiments. How does it happen? With immersive installations and master classes of Russian and foreign artists, scientists, biohackers and engineers investigating the ecology and human survival. For example, for a project artist Anastasia Potemkina in the Museum plants, which is traditionally attributed to magical properties. In a specially designed hydroponic plants, filled with meltwater from the gathered in Gorky Park and on the roof of the Museum of snow, a live fish that produce extra nutrients for the roots of the plants which purify the water. Such an ecosystem, according to the author, “explores the possibilities of alternative productive relationship between modern technology and the new ethics of the future society”…

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Museum

For children. About the workshop lacquered miniatures Vladimir region, the best of which was the Institute of Russian realist art, the researchers of decorative arts consistently write that it creates a unique atmosphere of a holiday. And inspired by this miniature work of artists of the Vladimir school of Kima Britova, Vladimir Yukina, Valeria kokurina. The horizon line in landscapes too high (as in iconography), and the sky is almost there. But snow or a field of flowers colored tints from lilac to lemon, from azure to cherry, and sculpted with thick paint strokes almost physically tangible. Rich color pictures will bring the level of color saturation in the new year holidays to the maximum. Especially for kids January 5, will give new year’s immersive play “Mysterious forest”. Young theatergoers will be here all the stages of writing the play: working on the play, making puppets and scenery, rehearsal and performance for parents.

For mom. For ideas on how to lay the Christmas table, or arrange a Christmas treat, you can refer to the exhibition “Russian feast” at the Museum of decorative arts. Food culture in the country has changed after eras, but good China is always a good porcelain, refined and necessary thing. In addition, the attributes of a merchant hospitality, rare scenes of peasant feasts in Handicrafts, fancy Cutlery, to know which the the eves of holidays.

For the little ones. Bakhrushin, the Museum holds an interactive tour through the colorful exposition of the Christmas merchant Moscow of the XIX century. The tour tells the children more about the traditions of celebrating the New year in tsarist Russia. They learn about the importance of trips to theatres and balls for the Christmas holidays, discover the amazing history of the home and Nativity scenes. Tour includes games with father frost and snow Maiden.

By the way, the mansion Theater Museum. Bakhrushin — a special space with family Christmas and Christmas traditions.

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