Managed to arrest the second woman, agent of Korea, who killed his brother, Kim Jong-UN.

It is known that at the time of arrest of the second woman, which is considered an agent of the intelligence services of North Korea and a suspect in the murder of the brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN, when it was the passport of the citizen of South Korea.

According to “Russian conversation”, police Malaysia arrested a woman, which is the second main suspect in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam , brother of the current leader of North Korea Kim Jong-UN.

The Kyodo news Agency, citing law enforcement authorities of Malaysia notes that the second agent, which came on a surveillance camera during the murder of the brother of the head of the DPRK at the airport Kuala Lumpur.

At the moment, establish its relationship with another woman, arrested earlier and also captured on videotape during the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam.

We will remind, “Russian conversation” already wrote that managed to detain the first suspect. She’d been found with the passport of the citizen of Vietnam in the name of 29-year-old Doan thi Huong.

Police in Malaysia say that women do not “get out” because of their similarity to the killers Jong-Nam is amazing.

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