Maria Maksakova: “How low I fell!”

Released a new pop music video “You’ll be mine” by Maria Maksakova, Opera divas, recent deputatka, and now the controversial “runaway”, went to the Ukraine, blew up, of course, the information field by the fact of its occurrence. Just a day the video received over half a million hits on the Internet, causing even more excitement than the first pop opus of the artist, when in September she loudly left the State Duma with a life-affirming movie “Strong and proud”.

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Purely, it would seem that music news could not ignore even the Federal TV news. In their tone, however, prevailed condescendingly mocking notes that clear – Madame Maria Maksakova now “the enemy” and “traitor” for jingoistic propaganda. It is impossible not to notice that the new work is not without artistic and creative merit . Compared with the unexpected pop of the autumn premiere, the actress have already mastered a more confident vocal and visual techniques pop genre – though take and put in hot rotation any gilded gramatnica. Of course, don’t…

The long-awaited mini-pop album of five songs that should have been released on major label in February, will not work. Although rzhach simply Homeric, because the term mini-album looks like EP – extended play English. That is: Maria Maksakova, EP (Chapter, not to be confused with the “United Russia”) “Strong and proud”. Well, if not irony of fate!

In addition to all the heroic-sexy poses and passions that erupted in the clip, there’s an aesthetic charm to frame the singer’s naked back, on which is painted a cello, and bow by its string leads to half-naked handsome. But it’s not about sex, and graceful allusions to the canonical black-and-white photo 1924 “the Violin of Ingres” man ray, Franco-American Director, photographer, recognized after his death as one of the 25 most influential artists of the twentieth century. Maria Maksakova thus touched the eternal or even declared itself as about eternal values.

Scandal premiere the song Ms. Maksakova added and the authorship of the composer Leonid Gutkin, another song which the Flame Is Burning is now the main musical anti-aircraft missile complex of the country on the future of the field song europane in Kiev. Leonid got so chicken in oschip and our, so to speak, and your… the horror, the Horror!

“MK” hastened, of course, to question Mary about Maksakova such a great creative provocation.

– Masha! Well, you made a noise!

Yeah! In “peaceful” time we have such a promotion would not be.

– See, we had just “the wife of the Decembrist” to go into exile… Even in the Federal news not paid attention to your new music video! When is it?

– And I told them every time now give the agenda at the most inopportune moment. “Ruined” anniversary in the Crimea, and the last time Denis gave an interview to the day when trump once again said about the Crimea is not what was expected of him.

– So you are there with the state Department coordinate something when the clips are interview Yes, to release, to spoil us, so festive backgrounds?

Ha ha ha! Well, yeah – I was now this man whipping…

Your new clip is compared here with “VIA Gras”. On TV with round eyes declared even about “Nudes” for which he received cleavage, your legs and bare back painted with a cello… Not too late these games to start? Wife, mother of three children, the youngest is a baby still…

Well, it is, in fact, on the conscience of the commentators – a comparison with “VIA Gras”… All started to discuss – bad or good. In fact, the Opera community is very friendly, took this experiment. And people are outraged, how low I fell from the point erenia of the change of genre.

And not only will the change of genre…

– It is clear that hooliganism is with some parties, but in an academic environment many people think it’s amusing. It’s not every day that happens, they don’t see this as something sverhpredelna and leave, oddly enough, very friendly comments. And others, not because of the genre of Opera turned out to be the most intolerant.

– Falling into this border creative state in the fall, when you there was still high hopes you however for the second opus gained, in my opinion, more confidence as Strednica…

– Yes, there is. Although we recorded the whole album in one session. And while I was recording, the songs were part of what is called in a rage. And the latter is already SO uproarious!

– Really – farewell Opera?!

– Artist should be employed. I’m not a writer, to work on the table. The artist needs an audience, to audience applause and popularity. Nothing to do with it. Another question – what and how to do not damage the core, so to speak, to the repertoire. I can’t morning to sing something astrodance, and in the evening go and hit Aria in the Opera. But I have a lot of voices took lessons with my students in Moscow, I’m a perfectionist in this matter, until it’s all grind, we will not rest. Therefore, we assume that now, instead of students, I had a new direction, where I can spend a little bit of voice.

– What are you going to do now with this suddenly dumping on you the pop popular? Are you in Kiev, we are here, and you don’t Loboda or Meladze to and fro while riding…

Yes I would love to be sung and played in Russia, as indeed it always did. But the situation developed in such a way in my life, that’s how I understand it, is not safe at the moment. So it won’t work now are the dividends of “growing popularity”.

Clip, however, you shot in Russia before the flight. Why pulled from the premiere?

I just didn’t know how best to proceed. The situation is (from left – Ed.) developed rapidly, unusual. Not often after all that happens. And I was sorry the effort, because I work with really outstanding people, all put their hearts, I am very grateful. Now don’t even know if I can name them all, not to expose. However anonymous I am grateful.

Without your partisan silence is already known that the author of the smash-hit Leonid Gutkin, and another song is coming now with Yulia Samoilova on “the Eurovision” in Kiev. At the impressionable may suspect that you’re thinking right now, and this here is lance to insert all the pin…

Yeah, it’s funny. And say that I had to send on “Eurovision”, because I have more chances to win here sympathy – at the expense of my views and positions.

– This idea is really many now come to mind. Moreover, and send you will not have the road moved out… But the breadth of perception to be mnogohodovochki responsible comrades here, of course, would never have had…

Ha ha ha! But I can’t say that it would accept such a proposal.

– I don’t like Eurovision?

– It would be a strange step for me in the current situation.

Why? The competition advocated and Opera diva Malena, Ernman, for example, from Sweden…

I know that it is extremely prestigious competition. What is there to talk! This fact is a jewel in any creative biografii. But I’ve beaten, like, in Kiev. And such a move now would be somewhat strange for me… I am absolutely amazed by the hospitality and breadth of sincere feelings from the Ukrainians! It’s amazing to me just every day. I understand that in principle I have nothing wrong did what I could to be ashamed of, did not sign any of the letters have not allowed myself to statements which I was drawn by ticks when I was a Deputy. But I still feel guilty. And they have, in Kiev, not even a hint of something in relation to me. We are rehearsing now absolutely stunning Ukrainian program with the orchestra. Such a beautiful song, such a band, they play!

– Wow! In addition to estradniy you now narodnitsa?

Ha ha ha, no! It will be academic orchestral arrangements for Opera vocals. I once did similar tours with the Russian orchestra of folk instruments.

But surprisingly, there are fundamentally different attitude to art, it’s different! We have art imposed. Whatever! A sort of hegemony as the Central mouthpiece, as the newspaper “Pravda” in Soviet times – says that it or it is necessary to listen and watch, everyone is listening and watching. No competitive process, so we have absolutely all the same – well you sing, or bad. Does not matter.

There is a media machine, and who should be, they will make the most important and most talented. Create, impose a product that you need. And there is no this brand. Here – competition and a healthy competitive process. In the good sense of the struggle that contributes to a healthy evolution and growth.

And here I can convince only by their professional qualities, not the fact that he says you know some influential people have and the way you sing, it doesn’t matter. What we have, of course, often. Here is a completely different concept. And I will not be here to slam anyone, if not for that, and in the halls will not go. Whistle, stamped and leave.

I am very pleased to work with them. And I think that is a mutual feeling – it was after they listened to me and evaluated my professional skills. They are all the same person I was the Deputy, not the Deputy… We love, so we sing.

– Presumably, you experienced a storm of emotions, when you removed from the site of the Mariinsky theatre and tied him to the post rubber doll with your face?

– Themselves tied, untied themselves and those who are engaged in, these bots, these trolls. Paid, neskoromnaya! The theatre of one actor. They relieve yourself, and then look. How many hits this rubber doll in YouTube? Tears! Does not cause any interest. A video my cause.

I stopped to watch Russian TV, read Russian news, I am tired of it! And our name for many years has adorned the billboards of theatres – the grandmother, mother, me… And I understand that the theater just got. Called, apparently, every day, crushed, tortured, asked, demanded.

I have absolutely nobody was going nowhere delete, I extended the contract I have with everyone in the theatre a great relationship. I was very good and I am very grateful for the endless number of wonderful performances that I was able to do. I think that sooner or later all the same will end this insanity against me. Honestly, I still don’t understand who I betrayed? Here can tell me?

– I?! Maybe it is better to have former colleagues in his ruling faction would ask?

– From this point of view, I betrayed much earlier! I haven’t voted the way they wanted. And spoke, and did. Not tearing, of course, on his shirt, not shouting that I am a member of the opposition. Thought I was in the first place anyway, the singer and didn’t want to make money this way indirectly popularity.

But in everyday parliamentary work in the ruling, as you noticed, the factions sparred with everyone I could. Made enemies, nassarius. In many aspects it is proposed to change the system, improve it, wanted to do something good for people. Do it! And why do I now this? My rhetoric has not changed a single word – neither then nor now. There are reasons, there is black, and it should be called “black” and white “white”. No blind love! Maybe I was waiting for exactly this? Blind love is flawed. And no I do not throw mud like talking about me right now, never did and don’t want. The mud at me.

– But in Kiev took the news of the choice of Russia on “the Eurovision”?

– I also participated in the jury of several competitions and always requested that no one put pressure on the pity, to avoid any tear of the speculation of what is called “forbidden techniques” blows below the belt.

While I completely agree that any man, regardless of his physical condition or ailments must sing if he wants and he has talent. It’s very cool, I strongly support.

But if we talk about the competition, including such as “Eurovision”, it is not a neutral choice, since it is not just about concerts, tours. This is now a major issue in the world, even in the ballet.

But in the context of the competition, where participants needs to be all the same equal, there are certain ethical issues to this choice. But, in fact, the Ukrainian reaction that was not the focus, and their position is very clear.

Ukraine mattered that she acted in Crimea. This is the only reason why there emerged opposition and great indignation. From my point of view, sloppy, of course, the situation with our side turned out. Even so, no one here to settle the score petty way is not going as I heard the question about a possible ban on entry to Ukraine for Russian entry is removed. The Ukrainians made the sensible decision.

How about the song the Flame Is Burning, given that you have a common author?

– I think I like mine better. It specifically was written for me, so it radically different energy message. But if this song is called, come on, resonates, and thank God…

I was more confused, what we mean Eurovision is something special, they say, that you syurprizik bertocci, and we’ll see what you’ll do with it. And who are these people, who were they to contest, who knew? This is not correct, there is an element of speculation, and very unhealthy, and a complete lack of fair motivation.

I am a supporter of such solutions, when I went Lazarev Bilan or Gagarin. As anything refers to it, like it or not, but it’s the people that are fully engaged and lived creativity no matter what the “Eurovision”, and that its quality has earned a trip to the competition.

Or when we went Joe. She took the win, didn’t – doesn’t matter, because it can, should and had every right to represent our country. It’s true and it’s honest. Otherwise it turns out that we go there not openly, but as in court with a good lawyer. The contest is not the place for speculative projects, like Buranovskiye grandmothers, etc., and for artists, after all…

– An interest in your clip exceeded all expectations, and, in addition, you can now amass more and enemies among the jealous popsovikov.

– Actually I have because this is now another problem. Ukrainians still perceive me as Opera singer. And now tell me: you, say, in Russia, sang Opera, and came to us and somewhere along the inclined went to the stage, and we want you to consider as an Opera singer. Imagine! So people here care about my image.

– Well, if that is what will be your biggest problem…

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