Marlene Hutsiev has offered to make a Comedy about human rights

Closing of the XXIII international festival of films about human rights “Stalker”, its President — the film Director Marlen Khutsiev — offered to make a Comedy on the theme of human rights.

Marlen Khutsiev and Pavel Chukhrai. Photo: Irina Kretova

It all started with the fact that the representative of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia, presented the award to Director Grigory Ilugdin for the documentary “20 lives and one life to live”. He is about 32-year-old Vladislav Pikuleva from Zelenokumsk, who has cerebral palsy, but he not only does not lose faith in life, but helps people find missing people in the great Patriotic war relatives. The painting makes a strong impression and looks great on the big screen, which is not true of some other non-fiction works. Impressed by what he saw, the officer turned to the audience with a call to get TV channels to show these pictures, since nothing like that in the air there . It looked funny, because who, if not the officials, to achieve the adoption of such decisions. Later Marlen Khutsiev, watching the grim images on the screen about the difficulties of life, said: “a Strange feeling! We see the fighters for human rights, but display some gloomy. Maybe it’s time to make a Comedy? And what we see on our screens? Crime is endless, endless grub, adultery and scuffle. I invite artists to make a fun, sparkling picture of human rights”. Then he presented the award from the Directors Guild Paul Chukhrai for “Cool tango”, called 70-year-old colleague Pavlik and it was very touching: “I was a friend of your father (the legendary Grigory Chukhrai, who directed “the Ballad of a soldier”. — S. H.). Your work is not inferior to his films. Pavlik did a wonderful painting with penetration into human character.” Wins continued comedic intonation and proposed to start a hilarious movie about human rights from the stage of output speakers on the “Stalker” the official, who called ordinary viewers to contact the television chiefs. Isn’t it funny that the officials did not have to do it, and those who do not have the ability to change something. The jokes would never end. If he recalled a joint trip to Germany in Soviet times, went with Pavel Chukhrai in search of a set of well-known brands. Chukhrai was surprised: “I wasn’t looking for him. I never sets not carried. But I remember that we went with Marlena in the same jackets and we thought the KGB. But I have in my other jacket. And he seems to be all the same, gray.” “How strange! — parried classic. — It turns out that I…” Here is the continuation of the Comedy. Would be to find a Director capable of humor to talk about life in our country.

The filmmakers talked about the many taboos. Julia Guerra, who directed the documentary “Radio K” on radio Kashchenko in the hospital named after Alekseev, talked about the fact that we have generally glossed over the theme of mental disability. How to explain to people what it is? Imagine that you have a dead loved one and you don’t know how to live. But here all the same, but he’s alive. Just had a mental illness. And none of these people do not sympathize. Boris Dvorkin was awarded for the film “Zebra” about the parents of drug addicts. Victims of drug addiction much more than official statistics, because each patient has close. According to the Director, life with an addict — not life, but people live. Way out of my trouble is, and this the authors decided to tell the world.

Director and human rights activist Aleksei Simonov was awarded the Dmitry Zavilgelskiy for the painting “Discerned. The evolution of altruism” — about swindlers from science that a huge number of theses borrowed from other dissertations. To combat this, several enthusiasts founded the community Discerned.

Guild of film critics awarded the film “War front” Andrei Osipov, based on the German newsreels without a single word, only with very delicate music of Anton Silayev. War shown through the eyes of German soldiers, swallowed by the throat in a foreign country. They freeze in extreme cold, slide down the ice slides, taken prisoner Soviet soldiers, and it is necessary to see the eyes of these people, their exhausted faces. Andrey Osipov was part of the jury evaluating feature films. Presenting the award named after Anatoly pristavkina “Turkish saddle” Yusuf razykova, he remembered the film “Plumbum, or Dangerous game” Vadim abdrashitova. It seemed that his hero is gone from our lives, but it turns out he grew up, retired and continues to convey and track. Plumbum alive. And played it in retirement Yaroslavl actor Valery Maslov. In reply, Yusup Razykov noticed that the “Stalker” — your bonus. With the festival you can travel the country, and then your film for free will see 15 thousand spectators, which is equal to two weeks of rental in Moscow.

The main award for best feature film was shared by two debut picture: “Strange house” Rusudan Glurjidze and “As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in the nursing home”. The husband of Rusudan — Zurab Magalashvili, he is the producer and the lead actor, who came to Moscow from Georgia talked about what movie to do together, especially now that people are moving away from each other. “Someone’s house” filmed in coproduction of Georgia, Russia, Spain and Croatia. The best documentary jury found “Peasant” by Stanislav Orekhov on Kucinska, organized in Pskov region farm “Stolypin” to live among the fields and forests in freedom, to do silkstream and talk about the origin of the Universe and the Higgs boson.

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