Media explained rebuffed trump send his people to the world economic forum in Davos

Bloomberg, citing its sources in the command of the 45th American leader, was able to figure out why billionaire Republican reacted negatively to this annual event.

According to “Russian conversation” during the press conference, journalists asked hope Hicks about the possibility of the presence of the team representatives elected by the WEF. In response, a spokesman for Donald trump said that no one will go there.

A senior member of the team’s future head of state on the condition of anonymity told the Agency that the trump perceives the presence of their representative in Davos as a betrayal of campaign promises. During the presidential race, the Republican candidate called Hillary Clinton a globalist and has positioned himself as a defender of the American working class from unfair economic system.

Not only trump refused to attend the world economic forum . It became known that the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina will not go to Switzerland.

Earlier media reported that Poroshenko will fly to Davos, but will ignore the “Ukrainian lunch”, which every year, on the sidelines of the WEF satisfied with Victor Pinchuk. The reason for refusal is article Ukrainian oligarch, in which he called on Kiev to accept the results of elections in the Donbass and to abandon in the near future from the course towards NATO and the European Union.

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