Media: German police prevented a series of terrorist attacks by neo-Nazis against Muslim refugees

Militiamen managed to withdraw from neonazistas groups in zweibrücken is a city of more than 150 kg of powerful explosives, which they most likely had to use to commit a series of bloody terrorist attacks against refugees from the Middle East.

It is known that the members of the extremist group in addition to more than 150 kg of explosives were also able to confiscate materials with images of Nazi symbols and also a lot of pyrotechnics. The detainees deny any involvement in neo-Nazi grouping and swear they are not involved in the preparation of terrorist acts.

It is known that young people 18 to 24 years and all of them are suspected of membership of a terrorist organization of neo-Nazis Oldschool Society (OSS).

Young people say that fireworks that explodes in the form of a swastika, they used to transfer to third parties and use them for the show .

Recall that in the Federal state of Bavaria still continues the trial of 4 members of the OSS, which was also found explosives and pyrotechnics. According to law enforcement authorities they had planned a series of bombings in the mosques, and refugee centers.

Police believe that both cases are closely related, since both groups of neo-Nazis acted almost identically. Very similar and a set of pyrotechnics and explosives for committing terrorist acts.

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