Media: Japan is sending ships to enforce the sanctions against North Korea

© AP Photo/Koji Ueda

TOKYO, January 13. /TASS/. The command of the Maritime self-defense force of Japan since the end of last year, at the request of the United States sending ships to conduct observations in the Yellow and Japan seas for sanctions against the DPRK. As reported on Saturday, the Agency Kyodo, citing sources activity is to identify such cases of transfer of oil at sea from a foreign tanker in the court of the DPRK.

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According to sources, these operations are conducted in the ordinary course of business of the self-defense Forces to conduct surveillance in international waters. If the Japanese patrol planes found in the high seas suspicious of the court, they transmit this information to the crews of the ships sent to the area.

Inspection of such vessels is beyond the powers of the Japanese self-defense Forces, so they only monitor such activity, take photos and transmit the data to the USA . The results of his observations of the Japanese side, as reported, may report to the Ministerial meeting on North Korea, which will take place on 16 January in Vancouver and where will be chaired by Canada and the United States.

Writes Kyodo, the Japanese government believed that such activities will increase pressure not only on North Korea but China and Russia, which, according to Tokyo, and Washington, have a certain influence on Pyongyang. In the Western media earlier, there were allegations that the Russian tankers had allegedly supplied North Korea oil to bypass the sanctions, however, these publications were refuted by the Russian foreign Ministry. Similar accusations were made in China, but they were refuted by the foreign Ministry of the PRC.

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