Media: Kim Jong Us could be killed because of the secret funds of his uncle and inheritance of his father

Kim Jong-Nam

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SEOUL, February 17. /Offset. TASS Stanislav Varivoda/. Kim Jong-Nam, brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, could be killed because of the conflict surrounding the secret accounts of his uncle and inherited from his father means. About it reports South Korean newspaper The Korea Times.

According to her, after the arrest and execution in 2013, the uncle of North Korean leader Jang sung-Taek, who was at that time the second man in the North Korean power hierarchy, control over his secret foreign accounts somehow passed to Kim Jong-Nam.

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The death of Kim Jong-Nam: what we learned over the past day

“Working in Macau, the North Koreans called Kim Jong-Nam “great player”. It is believed that after the death of Jang sung-Taek, he received the right to dispose of his secret Bank accounts, which were large sums of currency”, – the newspaper notes .

According to the newspaper, Kim Jong-Nam inherited after the death of his father Kim Jong-Il’s “good money” as a “parting gift”. Kim Jong Il is “sorry his son had to live in exile,” and so left him, according to the authors.

According to them, Kim Jong-UN ordered his brother to return to the DPRK and to bring all available money, “extremely necessary for the country in terms of international sanctions.”

Kim Jong-Nam did not obey that “very angered” the head of North Korea. This could well be the reason for the elimination of Kim Jong-Nam, according to The Korea Times.

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Biography Of Kim Jong-Nam

Kim Jong-Nam, the elder brother of North Korean leader on his father, he was the son of the former leader of the Republic of Kim Jong-Il and the North Korean actress song Hye-rim. Kim Jong Nam has died in the beginning of this week in the Malaysian capital.

The official cause of death is still undisclosed, despite the fact that Malaysian doctors have already conducted an autopsy.

According to several versions, dubbed in the media, Kim Jong-Nam, was attacked, in which he was poisoned. The Malaysian police during the investigation of this case already detained several people.

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