Media: Russia sent troops to the border with North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin

In connection with the threat of a U.S. strike on North Korea, Putin sent military equipment to the border with the DPRK.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent troops to the Russian border with North Korea after there were fears that the US will attack the DPRK, according to Daily Mail.

It is noted that a US strike could cause a flood of refugees. In this regard, the Russian tanks and other military equipment sent to the border with the North Korean government.

The magazine has published a video in which local residents noticed trains with military equipment, moving in the direction of the Primorsky region via Khabarovsk. There are moving military helicopters.

Earlier, China also sent to the southern boundary of 150 thousand soldiers to cope if necessary with the influx of refugees.

Russian military spokesman Alexander Gordeyev declined to give the exact reasons for the movement of troops and equipment. But the newspaper’s sources say that such movements are connected with the Korean crisis.

We will remind, near the DPRK placed the sea port of Vladivostok, where Russia has enormous military resources. If the US will strike missiles at nuclear facilities of the DPRK, the radioactive cloud will reach Vladivostok within two hours.

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Earlier, the DPRK accused the US of creating dangerous conditions, which at any moment could spark thermonuclear war.

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