Media said, whose state secrets trump “wants” to transfer Russia

Newspaper the Independent, citing journalist Ronen Bergman, said the fears of Israeli officials against a new US President.

Civil servants are concerned about the likelihood that the new administration to Moscow to convey the secret data, which tel Aviv had shared with Washington the last 15 years. Further, according to the Israelis, this information can get into Iran, which is friendly to Russia but hostile to Israel, reports “Russian conversation”.

Bergman claims that at a recent meeting representatives of the American and Israeli intelligence have discussed the “leverage” that supposedly have Vladimir Putin to Donald trump. In this regard, according to the journalist, the Americans allegedly advised their colleagues not to share classified information with Washington as long as is not confirmed the absence of “inappropriate relationships” at the new occupant of the White house to the Kremlin .

Previously, Donald trump said that late last year his Advisor, Michael Flynn had contact with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. According to him, the diplomats discussed the preparation of a telephone conversation the two heads of state. In the us Department of state reported that it did not see in this conversation problem because it is a part of the transfer of power.

The Russian foreign Ministry neither confirmed nor denied the statements of the future President of the United States, stressing that the Agency does not comment on daily working contacts of the Russian Embassy in America.

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