Media: scientists from China have developed a method of determining blood group in two minutes

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BEIJING, March 21. /Offset. TASS Roman Balandin/. Scientists of Chongqing (South West China) have developed a method for determining the blood group and RH factor of a person in just two minutes. As reported today by the newspaper China Daily, the new method is not only less expensive in time and cost, but also is suitable for use in field-conditions.

Determination of blood groups is vital in transfusion, transplantation, various pressing operations, pregnancy and other occasions. Currently, hospitals are used for this purpose laboratory centrifuge, and the process takes about half an hour. However, experts from the nanomedicine group of the 3rd military medical University, Chongqing has developed a more modern technique.

It is based on reacting to the acidity of the blood reagent – monoanionic yellow indicator bromocresol green . When applying the fluid sample to the paper impregnated with the reagent, the most common blood protein – albumin – engage with the indicator in the reaction. Depending on the color change of blood naked eye to determine the group and RH factor.

Research in this program is conducted in 2014, during this time, scientists have studied almost 3,55 thousand blood samples, the accuracy of the method was of 99.95%.

“The next one to two years, we intend to conduct clinical trials, increasing the number of samples and increasing the accuracy”, – said the publication of the head of a group of researchers Zhang Hong. According to her, the medical team intends to improve the accuracy of the technique up to 99.98%.

The specialist also said that at present, the researchers are already negotiating with biochemical companies in order to establish mass production of the necessary materials.

“According to our estimates, the new method will be 40% cheaper than existing technologies. Let’s hope that it will come to market within three years,” concluded Zhang.

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