Media: the U.S. recorded increased activity of the bombers of China

Chinese fifth generation fighter J-20

The extraordinary activity of the Chinese Navy may be associated with the aggravation of the situation around North Korea.

The US have the data about the increased activity of Chinese bombers, Reuters reports, citing American officials.

The news Agency did not specify the reason for such activity of the Chinese Navy, however, according to the Agency, it may be associated with exercise or the concern of China in connection with the aggravation of the situation with North Korea.

CNN citing sources said that the United States recorded a Ghost in a state of readiness through the maintenance of an unusually large number of Chinese aircraft.

As reported by channel one of the interlocutors, the actions of China are considered partially as an attempt “to reduce the response time to contingencies related to North Korea”.

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Earlier, the White House announced the rapprochement between USA and China on the situation with North Korea.

The aggravation of the situation around North Korea

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