Media: trump almost gave Cuba Russia

Donald Trump

Abandoning Cuba, trump risks to create a new space, where Russia will restore its position, writes The Independent.

The administration of Donald trump has imposed restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba, despite repeated requests from representatives of large corporations and fears of Cuban-Americans. According to The Independent, this step of the leader States can be interpreted as a “secret gift” to Moscow, which is already beginning to recover lost ground in Cuba.

Abandoning Cuba, trump risks to create a new space, where Russia will restore its position. Last month, after a ten-year break, she started to supply oil to the island, fear of the authors of the publication.

“When Venezuela is bursting at the seams, Cuba needs someone to “stop the decay”. If this is not Washington, Moscow. Putin not so long ago forgave Havana, 90% of the debt. Rumor has it that Russia is negotiating re-opening on the island of military bases . Emerges is a picture”, – writes mass media.

The Independent explains that the new restrictions will affect travel: Americans are again risking to break the law if they visit Cuba independently, and not within a pre-organized tour. However, more serious another limitation, noted, namely, the prohibition of American legal or natural persons to conduct business with GAESA, a conglomerate under the control of the Cuban military.

“He (GAESA – ed.) owned by most of the leading hotels in the city, not to mention buses and restaurants. This initiative, if fully adopted, would cause chaos in the American-Cuban tourism sector”, – says the publication.

Recall, trump declared that cancels his predecessor’s policies of Barack Obama to normalize relations with Cuba.

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