Metallurgical lobby with deputies and lomosborshchiki with the new law risk turning the city in impoverished communities without lid and communications

Metallurgical and samoborona enterprises with the support of several MPs in the case of the adoption of the updated bill No. 7479 “About legalization of the market of metallurgical raw materials (on amendments to some legislative acts concerning operations with scrap metal)” risk turning cities and towns of Ukraine in the devastated areas without hatch covers and items of communications-due to the abolition of the ban the collection of industrial scrap by individuals and minimizing supervision over the adopted points of local administrations.

This opinion was expressed to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the representative of one government administration after acquaintance with the text of the draft law “On scrap metal” made by a number of deputies, particularly from the faction of the Radical party (Oleh Lyashko), registered in the Parliament on 17 January and referred to the Committee on economic policy BP 18 Jan .

According to the document, the people’s deputies propose to revoke the existing segregation of scrap metal for industrial and domestic, with the consequence that individuals have the right to collect industrial scrap.

While legislators believe that samoborona businesses should not care about the origin of the scrap, offering to work on this issue to the police.

In addition, local state authorities are deprived of the right to exercise the state regulation of operations with scrap metal that is currently happening.

“Probably, such variant is possible in the future – when local administrations are suspended from government regulation of these operations, however, at present, with falling incomes, it can lead to rampant theft of manhole covers and items of infrastructure and communications that is fraught with the collapse in the functioning of communications and increase the risk of life of the population,” – says the expert, who asked not to be named.

The spokesman added that the bill works on the metallurgical lobby and samoborsko who are trying to increase the procurement of scrap metal is the normalization of the functioning of the market of scrap metal.

According to him, the inclusion in the bill provision on the metallurgical processing of scrap metal only by specialized metallurgical enterprises shows again the limitations of such activities by other entities.

However, the interviewee noted that such innovations can take place, “but not in this difficult economic situation”.

As reported, the Ministry of economic development and trade (MEDT) of Ukraine, the company’s operations with scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as professional associations and unions had previously announced its intention to prepare amendments to the legislation on scrap metal.

In particular, there was created a working group under the Ministry of economic development order No. 1004 dated July 11, 2017, signed by the first Vice Prime Minister – Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiva.

According to the Ministry of economic development and trade, Ukraine has 616 companies in operations with scrap of ferrous metals, including 62 major, 62 492 medium and small.

In Ukraine there are Ukrainian Association of secondary metals (“Autoret”), the Ukrainian Association of scrap metal exporters (WEM) and “Ukrainian Association of secondary metals and resources (Watermattress”)

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